Kolam Rangoli Designs

Have new and best Kolam rangoli designs collection for Onam festivals.Rangoli, also known as Kolam or Muggu in india.Rangoli is folk art from India in that rangoli designs or patterns are created on home or rooms using materials such as coloured rice,dry flour,flower,coloured sand or chalk.Kolam rangoli is a type of drawing that is drawn by using rice flour,chalk,chalk powder,sand frequently utilizing actually or artificially coloured powders in Kerala,Andhra Pradesh,Tamil Nadu,Karnataka,Goa,Maharashtra,Malaysai, Thailand and a few other Asian countries.

Kolam Rangoli Designs for Onam Festival

Kolam is another name for Rangoli, its principally drawn primarily Onam. Kolam is a propitious craft of beautifying patios and houses, hand drawn basically by women and girl. Rice flour or sandstone powder is utilized to make rangolis.Onum is state festival of kerala.Kolams are thought to convey flourishing to homes. Each morning in Tamil Nadu, a large number of women draw kolams on the ground with white rice flour. Dots rangoli designs which is so popular and easy to craft its also made in Onam festival. As the day progressed, the drawings get strolled on, washed out in the downpour, or blown around in the twist; new ones are made the next day.even white stone powdered can be used for creating Kolam.

Kolam Rangoli designs Images and Photos

In this site I have exhibited a basic instructional exercise that makes everybody to learn Rangoli plan effortlessly. Kolam rangoli designs also famous in diwali. Diwali rangoli designs craft or draw utilizing kolams. I have introduced scope of designs from master. Fundamentally Indians get everything from the Nature. They lived with nature the alleged five components, Earth, Water, Air, Sky and Fire. The thought of making Rangoli designs and hues is taken from butterfly, peacock, blooms, leaves and so on. On the off chance that you have a more intensive look on mists in the sky, Cross cut trunk of a tree, nerves of a leaf and River you would see some outline theme.

Latest Kolam rangoli designs

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