Rangoli Types

Best and Latest rangoli designs with different rangoli types for rangoli makers. Rangoli, is available in distinctive structures all over India. however is known by different names in different parts of the nation. Rangoli is made in patios to welcome Hindus gods and guests,on diverse events and celebrations like Diwali, Marriages, Pooja and some more. Making Indian Rangoli is viewed as propitious and fortunate for the home and family,it is well known the nation over and has distinctive names in diverse states like

Rangoli Designs Types by Indian State

  • Rangoli (Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra)
  • Kolam (Tamil Nadu)
  • Aripan (Bihar)
  • Alpana (West Bengal)
  • Chowkpurana (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Muggu (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Madana (Rajasthan)
  • Aipan (Uttarakhand)

Rangoli types Images and photos

Have most recent and best rangoli designs types images and photos for Indian festivals.we collect images and photos to different rangoli with their types. Rangoli types is exceptionally helpful for rangoli beginners and rangoli makers.

Various Rangoli types

  • Powder rangoli
  • Flower rangoli
  • Chalk rangoli
  • Pulses rangoli
  • Salt rangoli
  • Rice rangoli
  • Free hand rangoli

Powder rangoli

Rangoli make by powder or coloured powder is very famous in India. Powder Rangoli make in Indian festivals and traditions like Diwali,Ganesh Pooja, Navaratri, Katha and so on. Powder rangoli is very simple to draw and easy step to follow for making rangoli

Flower rangoli

we collected flower rangoli designs for rangoli makers.The cutting edge type of Rangoli which is made by the wonderful petals of flowers at the front entryway of house. Blossom Petals Rangoli is extremely eye satisfying alongside wonderful aroma of flowers like roses ,marigolds and lotus. Amid the celebration of Onam in Kerala, its the one of the real fascination of celebration known as Onam Pookalam

Pulses rangoli

Ganesha Rangoli with Pulses and Grains rangoli for navaratri, having the components of pencil representation holding the celebration like chathurthi or Ganesha extraordinary festivals. we gathered pulses rangoli designs which are very famous in festivals.

Chalk rangoli

Chalk purn is the most seasoned type of Rangoli in India, chalk rangoli is still made by old lady on the event of inviting guest,Poojas like Gangour, Chhath pooja, Styanarayan katha and so on.

Salt rangoli

Rangoli is also created using salt.salted rangoli is very easy to make by Indian women and ladies for Indian festivals.Salt rangoli also draw in Ganesh pooja.

Rice rangoli

Rangoli is also created using coloured rice and its easy to draw.check rice rangoli designs for rangoli makers. Rangoli with rice is very good for see and make by Indian women and girls for lucky occasions and festivals.

Free hand rangoli

This is a standout amongst the most widely recognized and celebrated type of Rangoli which can be found in every home in every event made by the assistance of diverse colors of sand. free hand rangoli help to craft easy and simple rangoli within less time. Its otherwise called ever green type of Rangoli. check stylish rangoli designs images and photos according to different rangoli types for occasions and events.